Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Table of Contents


- Introduction
Introduction to this blog

Software Development

- Drawings that Come to Life
Development of a simple physics-based video game, developed to encourage arm movement for the purposes of post-stroke rehabilitation.

- Exploring 3D Modelling, Animation and AI with OpenSceneGraph
Using a swarm of spiders as a testbed, I create a scene which demonstrates the basic concepts of creating a scene graph, body manipulations, collision detection and explores the concept of agent-based swarms.

Hardware Development

- Exploration of HMD-based Augmented Reality
Explores various forms of sensor fusion, to create a HMD, capable of displaying large amounts of field data and improving/extending your sight, without being obtrusive or distracting.

- Home Made CNC Machine
Research and development of a scratch-built CNC machine, capable of cutting aluminium. Completion of this project with enable the start of man others.
DIY Chronograph, based on minimal hardware, reading data via a sound card port, with C# Forms based GUI.

Airsoft Development

- HK79 Grenade Launcher
Full Steel airsoft replica of the iconic German 40mm Grenade launcher, sticking as closely to the original as possible.

- Night Vision Scope
DIY IR Night vision device and exploration of PIC-Based Composite Signal Manipulation.
Development of a control circuit which would help all Gas Blowback replicas to better handle the ever-present problem of cooldown without interfering operation or blowing the mags up...

- Simple Land Mine
Development of a land mine, powered by party poppers to create a cheap, simple and safe multi-bang IED. Also messing around with 40mm grenade based solution.

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